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Spermfuge is an improvised centrifuge, dedicated totally for elevating the total motile sperm recovery from the parent semen sample, by controlling/maintaining the main parameter of "Temperature" thus aimed at Enhancing the ART results. The instrument has been designed to regulate and subsequently maintain the "Critical" inner chamber temperature before, after and during centrifugation. Maintenance of this critical temperature throughout the entire sperm processing procedure helps the sperm maintain their peak motility and enhanced linearity. The two of the most vital parameters which act as a yard stick to gauge the effectiveness of an ideal sperm wash. The existing dependency on RPM will be eliminated by on screen g-force selection.

The Spermfuge has been designed after taking into consideration detailed cellular physiological demands, locomotion kinetics and pooling together ideal suggestions, opinions, ideas and propositions of numerous Andrologists and Embryologists and other professionals in the field of Human Reproduction. The Spermfuge with its Temperature controlled chamber (room temperature to 42�C), programmable microprocessor based controls, multiple tube selection, accurate g-force selection, independent centrifugation and/or heating selection and other added advantages make it an ideal state of the art instrument for use in an ART laboratory.

Temperature and Centrifugation
The heating range of Spermfuge's chamber is from 2�C above ambient to 42�C. The intelligent control system does not allow the centrifugation to commence till the set temperature is attained. However, one does have the option to commence the centrifugation without chamber heating and to commence the chamber heating without centrifugation.

Multiple Programs
The Spermfuge facilitates user selectable 9 programs for different applications and also for different set of protocols as standardized by various clinics, laboratories and regulatory bodies. The user can select RCF, RPM, Tube Size, Temperature, Time for each program by a digital encoder.

Acceleration and Braking
An adjustable brake is provided to prevent the rotor from stopping too quickly at the end of run which might cause disturb to the firmly formed pellet. One can select 3 mode in acceleration and braking, slow medium and to fast can be given on screen.

G - Force
The exact indication of G - Force helps the ideal sperm pellet formation by subjecting the sperm to an exact and precise amount of G - Force unlike other Centrifuges where G - Force is subject to RPM and the tube size. Now a days centrifugation speeds are never reported in RPM as those numbers are not useful for any one wanting to reproduce the method. (Being dependent Rotor radius.)

Rotor Head and YouTube views Selection
buy views on YouTube Spermfuge has a swing out rotor head to accommodate 8 tubes maximum of 15 ml. The Sperm Fuge can accommodate 6ml Tubes (Falcon 2003), 14 ml YouTube views (Falcon 2001) and 15 ml Tubes (Falcon 2095). The tube selection can be done on screen with the help of the encoder, which ensures an exact G - Force selection.

Operating Security
The Vision port in the lead at the center helps to confirm rotational speed with a stroboscopic device. The safety interlock in the lead prevents accidental opening once the Rotor is operational. The maximum RCF is 800g which prevents accidental damage to the sperm.

Intelligent Control System
State of the art micro-controller with optomagnetic encoder provides intelligent control system. Digital programming via microprocessor control for various parameters including temperature, RCF and time. The parameters are displayed on four line LCD display.

The Spermfuge is virtually maintenance free since it utilizes brushless drive motor. The motor is extremely smooth even during running at the maximum speed. The motor is electrically controlled during the acceleration and breaking with smoothness.
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