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The LAB + GUARD is developed to improve the laboratory air quality making it nearly equal to clean air. Thus replenishing and subsequently nourishing the entire laboratory, making it safe for the sensitive procedures to be executed. This is achieved by a number of inclusions and their applications all of which are simple, cost effective and user friendly. The positive pressure system uses the basic principle of "Over Pressure or positive pressure in a room which restricts the entry of outside air ". This is achieved by absorbing the circulating air outside the
IVF Lab (Room) and then subsequently passing the same through a series of 4 stage filters thus making it quite IVF friendly. Thus ultimately the effective, circulating air in the IVF lab reaches a near clean air status, provides a positive pressure, reduces the CFU count, eliminates the SPM, VOCs and CACs.
Ensure Net Flow Out
In any HVAC / air flow design it is essential that net flow is going out of the room. This means room air volume and pressure should be slightly higher than adjoining areas / rooms. This will keep out any toxic fumes trying to come in. IVF labs which are not having adequate positive pressure are suceptible to risk of contamination.
The LAB + GUARD has been designed with State of the Art technology using 4 stage filtration system. The unique filter combination filters out air and gas contaminant thus by giving most suitable air for gametes and embryos. LAB + GUARD system contains a unique 4 stage filtration system containing Prefilter, Hepa Filter and unique blend of activated carbon and alumina, which ensures wide variety of Gases, particular contaminants are oxidized or are absorbed. The LAB + GUARD has been designed to reduce the microbial air flora to the minimum level.
Reduces CFU, Reduces VOC
The unique design and the concept of LAB + GUARD positive pressure system not only reduces VOC content in the air but also the CFU count in the IVF Lab. The LAB + GUARD not only protects embryos and gammas but also protects embryologists who is the most affected otherwise.

Operating Security
Every care has been taken in designing to make sure that air absorbed is thoroughly cleaned for contaminants and to reduce bacterial count in IVF Lab. The LAB + GUARD design also facilitates introduction of fresh air into the air circuit which gives maximum safety from Carbon dioxide released into the IVF Lab by CO2 Incubators and also it protects embryologists from gas mixtures released on work stations.
Change Filters As Per Usage
The LAB + GUARD also houses a unique automatic indication system whereby the user is informed when to change the filters, and not "every quarterly". This feature not only gives tremendous relief to the user for tracking the stipulated time of change but also saves lot of money.
The LAB + GUARD has automatic indication for Filter change and the design facilitate extremely easy replacement of filters even by non technical staff. Other than filter change it is virtually maintenance free
Return Blower
The return blower is utilised to circulate back the air of IVF lab to room where LAB + GUARD has been fitted.
Upgrading, Expanding Or Setting Up New IVF Lab?
The LAB + GUARD team helps you in evaluation of possibilities to improve air quality in your lab. If you are upgrading, expanding or setting up new lab contact us for technical assistance.
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